Episode 5: Instrumental to Rock

Played on 2021/08/01 01:19 UTC

Yes, 10 songs turned into an hour long show. If the DJ scheduled to turn up at 02:00 had shown up, it would have ended after song #6.

  1. Rush - La Villa Strangiato
    Whoops, used Rush last show! This song was an intentional self-imposed challenge to the band and for a while they could only play this in sections. They didn't play it live for a while.
  2. The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica
    This song is the theme to Top Gear.
  3. Electric Light Orchestra - Fire on High
    This song intentionally has backmasking. When played backwards, the intro says "The music is reversible but time is not. Turn back. Turn back."
  4. Anders Qvicker - Jimis Dream
  5. Ootsuki Kenji & Zetsubou Shoujo Tachi - Kuusou Rumba (Uta Nashi)
    If a song says "(Uta Nashi)" in the title, it might still have backing vocals. It's really more of the backing track for a karaoke performer than an instrumental.
  6. Metallica - Orion (Instrumental)
  7. Course of Nature - Wall of Shame (Instrumental)
  8. The Buzzhorn - Ordinary (Instrumental)
    Both Course of Nature and The Buzzhorn are from the soundtrack of the game "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2" from 2002
  9. Alynzai - Endless Cliff
  10. Five Finger Death Punch - The Devil’s Own (Instrumental)

Day 25 of #100DaysToOffload

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