Episode 7: Here, There, Everywhere

Played on 2021/08/14 03:27 UTC

All these songs are about places or traveling. The ID3 tags were a bit messed up for broadcast. Good thing we don't keep backups.

  1. The Night Flight Orchestra - California Morning
  2. Outlaws - Cold Harbor
    Yes, this song is entirely about the Civil War battle in Cold Harbor, Virginia (14 km/8.7 miles NE of Richmond).
  3. Rush - Lakeside Park
  4. Het Goede Doel - België
    The singer is just making excuses for why he can't go places for vacation except for België (Belgium).
  5. Kenny B - Parijs
    This is a mix of Dutch and French.
  6. The Proclaimers - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  7. Johnny Cash - I’ve Been Everywhere
  8. Racoon - Oceaan
  9. BLOF & Counting Crows - Holiday In Spain
    This is in Dutch and English. The guy singing verses in Dutch is from BLOF. The guy singing verses is from Counting Crows. It gets messed up near the end who's singing what.
  10. Staind - So Far Away
  11. The Starting Line - Island (Float Away)
  12. Klein Orkest - Over De Muur
    De Muur (the wall) being referred to in this song is the Berlin Wall. This song is from the 1980's when it still existed.
  13. Rowwen Hèze - Limburg

Day 34 of #100DaysToOffload

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