The Superb Owl, or Why Trademark Law is A Bastard

Yes, tonight is the Super Bowl, but any commercial, store, restaurant, bar, really any place that makes money won't mention it by name. They'll call it the "Big Game" or "Superb Owl", or some other euphemism so that we all know what it is, but they can't call it "The Super Bowl". Doing so could cause them to be sued by the NFL for using their trademark without their permission. The NFL does allow some places do it already after going through legal agreements that allow them to do so, but they can't just let all and sundry do it. This is where trademark law comes into play.

Unfortunately, the NFL has to track down and take legal action against those that use the term "Super Bowl". It is a legal requirement to enforce their trademark in the US in order for them to keep it. They can't pick and choose either, in case the trademark gets challenged in court. Bubba's Sports Bar has to get a nasty letter from the legal team just as much as TNT, Wetherspoons, or Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a pain to to do and makes them unpopular in the eyes of the defendants, but the value of maintaining their trademark is far higher then what those places think of them.

If you think this is deep-fried bullshit on a sesame seed bun, then you need to take this up with the US copyright and trademark system, which is nothing but that. Have fun fighting a system corrupted by companies like Disney, movie studios, the MPAA, the RIAA, and television studios. All of them have a vested interest in extending copyrights and trademarks as long as possible and have shitloads of money for "campaign contributions" to see that it happens. And all of them can die in a fire.

Day 2 in #100DaysToOffload

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