This Site Looks Weird

The list below has been deprecated with the move to PicoCMS but the basic reasons are the same.

It does indeed. This site is coded weird too! There's not much to this site in order to make it more easily port to Gemini one day. This is really all it is:

  1. index.php that does all of the routing
  2. site.css to make it all gray and orange. One day I'll make this look like a pro did it instead of it being hacked together by a dev on the side (which it totally is). The gray and blaze orange is going to stay regardless.
  3. .htaccess to force the routing to go through index.php if at all possible
  4. /articles folder where all the content lives in Markdown files. Gemini lives and dies by stripped down Markdown files called gemlogs. These files are just standard markdown so one day before I turn on Gemini, I'll have to write a translation script for it.
  5. Parsedown.php to turn the Markdown files into real HTML.
  6. robots.txt to tell crawlers where to go.
  7. tarpit.php buried inside the /articles folder to trap misbehaving crawlers. I don't know why anything should even guess that name to read it, but if they do I hope they get trapped there forever.

Why didn't you make it look like Facebook, or Twitter, or (insert corporate site here)?

Have you seen just how much Javascript, CSS, AJAX, and other stuff is necessary for the sake of making it all look pretty and getting their metrics? Hundreds of kilobytes if not megabytes. Down the road from me are people who are still on dialup. It'd take minutes for them to even load the home page on some sites. It'd take less than a second for this site. You don't need a bunch of scripts and styles to make a page look half-decent.

What's this Gemini thing and why do you even care?

Gemini is a new protocol that lives in the land halfway between the web we know today and Gopher from back in the day. It's intentionally designed for simplicity and privacy, the latter of which I am firmly behind. Also a friend of a friend, Solderpunk designed the whole thing.

Why didn't you just use a regular framework instead of hacking something together?

Why use something you don't need? All I need is a bit of routing and a bit of templating. You don't need to use X framework for something that bare-bones.

Day 6 of #100DaysToOffload

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