Thursday Night Madness

So I watched the LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks game and so many odd things have happened. The first one is that I can actually watch it as Thursday night games are normally reserved for the NFL Network. I've been writing through the end of the game so forgive any disjointedness as this is roughly live. I'll leave out the final score and winner as not to spoil the ending.

The kickers are cursed.

Both place kickers have missed easy kicks. Seattle missed a 31 yard field goal wide right. The Rams missed an extra point attempt, the equivalent of a 33 yard field goal that hit the right upright and bounced away. Directly after, the kickoff was out of bounds so by rule the Seahawks got it at the 40 yard line. As of the middle of the 4th, the Rams kicker has kicked it out of bounds again.

The wildest thing I've seen in quite some time occurred on 4th down. Seattle blocked a punt, the punter picked it up and started running with it, then kicked it again near the line of scrimmage. He managed to kick it about 65 yards and a flag was thrown.

A number of things were up in the air in the rulebook. Can you kick a ball twice in one play? If so, do you have to be at or behind the line of scrimmage to do it? Was he when he did it? It seems the answer to all 3 is yes, but the announcers are questioning it. The refs picked up the flags and the game went on from the dead ball spot.

Fragile fingers

Both Matthew Stafford of the Rams and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks have injured one of their fingers in the game. First, Matthew Stafford injured his right index finger and returned after getting it taped up. The man's got a rifle of an arm so that may have affected his choice of throws and targets. He's not chucking as many bombs as before the injury, but this is a man who threw a game-tying pass with a dislocated left shoulder in 2009. He'll be all right.

Then Russell Wilson injured his right middle finger. His injury is more serious and tape wasn't enough to get him back in action. He's dealing with it on the sideline and his backup, Gino Smith, is playing in his stead. If he doesn't play next week, he will break a streak of over 200 consecutive regular season starts.

A real hawk

Some time in the first half, a hawk landed on a spectator's head. Now, I've never been to one of their games. It might be a trained hawk that flies around the stadium for home games. If it's a wild hawk that flew into the stadium, I'm surprised the guy on whose head it landed wasn't shitting himself. I would be because that thing might choose to repaint my hair white with the remnants of rodents past.

Day 62 of #100DaysToOffload

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